Indosurance Broker Utama

In 1987, Indosurance was established in Indonesia as a license Insurance Broker. We are registered and legalized by Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia no: Kep-4355/MD/1987 also registered as a member of The Association of Indonesian Insurance Broker since 01 July 1987 (membership no. 026)

As a local partner of the biggest broker in the world, Indosurance initiates the business as a joint venture company. We started our business with a name of Indosurance Associate. We expended our business on local and global insurance program.

In 1999, we are no longer maintained the partnership for good reason and officially separated. Indosurance grows as local Insurance Broker and develop local businesses in Indonesia. Now we are recognized as one of the biggest Broker intop ten Insurance Industry. As a captive and part of a local famous giant company. Indosurance is an insurance consultant to handle their local assets.

Now Indosurance has been one of the leading Insurance Brokers in Indonesia. Our strong relationship with many insurance companies will give us a privilege to provide the best insurance solution.

IBU Reinsurance Broker Utama

Established in December 22, 1994 with corporate name PT Indoreinsurance Broker Utama, our Company’s license was approved by November 1995 under the Ministry of Justice of Republic Indonesia adn announced date 11 June, 1996 under News of Republic Indonesia no.47 added no 5273.

In September 19, 1996, the name of company was changed to PT IBU Reinsurance Broker Utama and was approved dated November 21, 1996 under Ministry of Justice of Republic Indonesia KMK No. 714/KMK.017/1996

IBU Re initially formed to have Reinsurance access and to provide Reinsuance capacity and resource to service Indosurance group customer base including a large number domestic and joint venture insurers.